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    8.8 LANDesk Software Deployment Portal

    zman Master


      OK is it just me or is the new LANDesk Software Deployment Portal UI just plain but ugly? Yeah I know you can hack the css file, and I was no big fan of the old amclient UI, but I have to say I the new UI is a step backwards. 


      • You can't check multiple policies and install anymore.

      • It is not as effecient as amclient when it comes to using space effectively. Pixel per pixel amclient displayed more policies and was easier to read. If you have to display a lot of policies like we do this is bad.

      • Out of the box with no css hacks, any text that wraps makes it hard to read since there is very little white space between the policies listed.

      • No Close/Exit button. I believe there should be a Close/Exit button.

      • Checking for Additional Software.... text is barely visible buried at the bottom. I can see our users not waiting for the updates to come down and Xing out of the screen before the new policies come down. Bad.

      • Deploy button - Yak.



      Still kind of undecided if I like the min/max ability. I've only had a day or two with it, maybe it will grow on me, but I think I hate it more now than when I first saw it. Also, what does the policy.portal.template.htm accomplish?






      Sorry just hate this new part of 8.8....