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    Permission help

    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

      I activated the hyperlink next to our Raise User attribute on our ticket window.  If I want our Analyst group to be able to click on that link and open the End User file to read, what permission would I need to grant?  I've been digging but it looks like I have everything set that I know to set.



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          This may sound stupid but do they have rights to the file itself?  You may have the right permissions but they can't open the file because they can't get to it.  I keep my common files on a standard file share and not the sever and then I have a Service Desk group with all analysts in it that I use to give access to anything they need, like the file you want them to open.  My guess is that this is the issue and not a permissions error.


          Things with permissions are typically action items and windows with data having read, update, and write access.

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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            But the file is just the End User window within Service Desk.  I just set up a query and added it to the End User window that will show all Open Incidents for that user and I want the Service Desk team to simply be able to access the End User file within Service Desk.


            Are you saying they need permissions to that in the database?

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              Ok, I am with you now.  I know that I get to the same information at the tabs on the bottom of my screen by pulling collects to the work area.  I use several of these to see data.  Mine is called "By User".  If your "By User" tab is selected and then you add a raise user, you have to select a different tab and then go back to "By User" to get the data to show up.  As you can see in my attachments, we have forms, attachment, assignments etc all available.  To format the output there is an area in the object that determines what shows up.  I don't remember how I got the queries at the bottom but they also allow you to control the output.  Most of my tabs do not show up unless there is data in it.  I added the screen shots to help show you what we do.

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                Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                Oh nice.  You actually do it on the Incident screen itself.  I had mine on the End User window and I was going to allow my Analysts access to that via the hyperlink of "Raise User" but it was telling them they didn't have access.  I know there is a simple permission I'm overlooking but I may give this a shot.



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                  Stu McNeill Employee

                  Hi Jamie,


                  What's happening at the moment when they try to click on the link?  Or is it not showing as a link?

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                    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                    The error message says:


                    "You do not have the privilege to run this component."


                    They can see the link and click on the link, just not sure what perm to give them to open and read that End User account.

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                      Stu McNeill Employee

                      Hi Jamie,


                      Thanks for the extra info.  This means the user needs access to the Administration component.  This can be found in the privilege tree under Configuration Componenets -> Configuration and is called Administrator.  There is also a branch with the same name and under here you see there is more granularity over what parts of Administration the user can access (PURG is the main one).


                      Alternatively you can change the behaviour of the hyperlink so instead of opening the user in Administration it just opens them in a standalone popup window (like opening a Note).  To do this open the User object within Object Designer and change the Editor property from Administrator to blank.  Repeat this for the child objects of User - End User, Analyst, etc.

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                        Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                        Will these options allow them to modify anything or just read?  We are hoping to vere away from creating.  I'm assuming that  could be controlled under Priviledge --> Modules --> System --> Non-Process Related and then the End User and Analyst permission?


                        This is great information.  I didn't know you modify it at the object level.