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    unable to run any tasks after installing 9.0 sp2


      I did a side-by-side upgrade last week.  Our old core was 8.8 sp4 and the new core is 9.0 sp2.  Everything seemed to fall into place when doing the install.  I created new agents on the new core and installed them on some test machines in out network.  Now I am able to run inventory and patch scans on these computes, but I am unable to run any tasks.  I start the task and it fails almost immediatly.  I have checked the logs on the computers that I am trying to work on and nothing is showing up.  I have noticed that I get some errors in the Event Viewer on the core in the Application tab when I try to run these tasks.  They show 3 different Faulting Application Names, "LANDesk.Scheduler.GlobalScheduler.exe", "ResolveUserGroups.exe", and "XDDFiles2DB.exe"


      Our new core is Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit and we are using a SQL database


      Any help would be greatly appricated!