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    Getting started with vPro ... Enterprise mode




      We want to start with vPro.. and we did the following already:
      - Setting strong Password (general configuration, LANDesk)
      - ID generation, (LANDesk server)
      - Certificate GODADDY (installed on the LANDESK server.)
      - “provisionserver” DNS entry


      We want to use the enterprise mode, because we don't want to do manuel do the configuration

      The resourche we did about enterprise mode is:


      Enterprise mode you have the following options
      1. Manuel Entry
      2. OEM pre-provisioned
      3. USB one-touch


      OEM pre-provisioned: Most OEMs can provide you a service to change the MEBx from factory mode to setup mode by entering the information into the MEBx for you. This often requires an additional fee to the OEM. This method is most useful when an Intel AMT device is delivered directly to the end user from the manufacturer. The security keys could be provided by the customer to the OEM for integration, or the OEM could provide the customer with a list of keys they generated. The keys must match between the Intel AMT devices and the management console. The management consoles have an option to import and export keys to facilitate this transaction.


      Ok, we have +- 2500 workstations already with vpro and all with the defeault password. Automatic provision with landesk is not possible?


      We really don't want to provision with a usb stick.


      Please help ?