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    Increasing Console Timeout - Advice Needed




      As the title suggests we're looking to increase the console timeout for our analysts; basically all we want to do is increase this to an hour.


      We have checked the following community document on this: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-4098

      I've also pasted this below:





      How do I increase the timeout in Console ?


      Edit the line:


                <add key="WebServiceTimeout" value="120000" />


      within the console.exe. config. Then change the timeout in tps.config:


                <add key="CommandTimeout" value="600" />



      and also change the timeout on the TPS directory within IIS.

      Can anyone please shed any light on how the two values you can adjust here work and how they differ?
      For example, I presume the '600' setting for the 'CommandTimeout' is 600 seconds? How does this differ from the 'WebServiceTimeout' that's listed above it, which has a much higher value in it?
      Also this document has a comment that links to another article ( http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-4176 ) which goes into detail on altering the timeout on the TPS directory within IIS, which also needs to be done apparently. However, this seems to be written for windows server 2003; we're using 2008 - does anyone have any experience with altering these setting in a 2008 environment?
      Many thanks
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          elizabethcombrink Employee

          The <add key="CommandTimeout" value="600" /> key in your tps.config file refers to the timeout limit on the communication between TPS and the database.


          I agree a guide on all the different "timeout" options and what they do would be very useful.

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            Stu McNeill Employee

            Hi Darren,


            Could you clarify what you're trying to modify?  As Elizabeth said the timeouts you've been changing so far are for the time a single request can take before generating an error message...


            The WebServiceTimeout setting in the Console.exe.config file is the time (in milliseconds) a request to TPS can last before Console gives up and show an error.

            The CommandTimeout setting in the tps.config file is the time (in seconds) a request to the database server can last before TPS gives up and sends an error back to the client.

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              Thanks for the responses Elizabeth / Stu.


              I think I'm a little confused on exactly what times out in regards to the full console and the web based versions and call unlocking - where all this stems from.


              Our analysts are sometimes getting errors in the full console, we were trying to determin if this was due to time outs in the system but I'm struggling to understand exactly what does time out and in what circumstances.


              I was told that in regards to unlocking calls automatically that the web based sessions will be unlocked as they time out, full console sessions however do not; is this correct?


              Also, does the full  (non-web based) console ever timeout due to inactivity from the analyst or from being minimised for so long?


              Stu, you mentioned the web and command timeouts; what exactly happens when these timeouts are breached? What errors would our analysts see (if any) and would they be able to continue working or have to restart their session?


              A little guide on these timeouts, as Elizabeth mentioned, would be fairly handy I think, just to clarify what times out and when, what the effects are especially from an analyst's point of view and impact on actually using the system.


              I'm sure this is fairly simple once explained, I'd just like to know what times out and when and also what the effects are for those using the system.


              Many thanks.

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                <add key="WebServiceTimeout" value="120000" />

                This is the response time between making a request to the TPS server and getting the results back.

                It only really applies to the console, applications and windows services.


                Generally the only time we need to modify this is when doing a data import against a large & slow external source (e.g. Give me all edirectory records for all users in my system) as this can often take more than the 120 second default value.