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    Trying to report Mac Address for Wireless Card

    Spartan Apprentice

      Good Day,


      I'm trying to run a report to show MAC addresses of wireless cards on our laptops.

      This seems simple enough but I'm having issues with my output.


      Here is my Query: "Computer"."Network Adapters"."Network Adapter".”Connector Type" = "Wireless LAN"

      Which seems to work but I can think of a few others that would work also.


      The Columns I would like to show are:

      Device name, Login Name, Mac address of the wireless Device and the Network adapters description (So we know the model of the NIC).


      When I run my query however it shows me wired and wireless MACs (Which is expected as I have not set a Qualifier)

      I would like to set Connector Type as my Qualifier but it wont let me do this I get the choice of 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 which I believe corresponds to my adaptor # in the Inventory, Which 9 times of out 10 = 0 but not always =o(


      I get the feeling I'm missing something obvious here...