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    Pre-staging all HII drivers in one image?




      We are using LANDesk Provisioning (9.0 SP1) to deploy an image to a range of models with HII. So essentially the deployment steps are:


      1) Dump the image

      2) Detect hardware and copy down the drivers

      3) Windows boots and installs the drivers


      Is it possible to deploy an image containing all the drivers such that the new single image can be deployed directly to all models outside of the LDMS provisioning process? So the deployment steps would be:


      1) Dump the image

      2) Windows boots and installs the drivers


      Could I for instance inject *ALL* the varying model drivers in the HII action, then capture the image afterwards and use that for deployment?


      We are not running SP2 yet - does this change the picture at all? Does anyone know whether SP2 still uses HTTP to copy down the drivers?