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    Help with WinPE (Drivers/PXE Rep Deployment Script)




      I am relatively new to the LANDesk Environment and have been troubleshooting the OS Deployment tool, so I can image these Windows 7 machines that I am currently building. I'm running LANDesk 9.0 and my issues arise after I am able to boot into the WinPE OS on the system I want to capture an image on. I get to the driver portion of it and it loads the previous system admins drivers. (I can't count how many times I've gone back into the LD Console to insert drivers.) Everytime I boot into WinPE it still loads the drivers from a Dell Laptop that was used before.


      Now, when I go into the PXE Representative Deployment script it shows me this.


      ;  This file was generated by Desktop Manager
      REMEXEC0=MsiExec.exe /q /X{F238CE99-6614-4072-9D20-1D2FA7ED951A}
      REMCOPY1=%DTMDIR%\landesk\vboot\ldlinux.img, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\ldlinux.img, TOREMOTE

      ;{These files installed by OSDRep.msi in the older version
      REMCOPY2=%DTMDIR%\landesk\files\bootmenu.1, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\bootmenu.1, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY3=%DTMDIR%\landesk\files\bstrap.0, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\bstrap.0, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY4=%DTMDIR%\landesk\files\dosundi.1, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\dosundi.1, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY5=%DTMDIR%\landesk\vboot\bootmenu.0, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\bootmenu.0, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY6=%DTMDIR%\landesk\vboot\dosundi.0, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\dosundi.0, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY7=%DTMDIR%\landesk\vboot\bzImage, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\bzImage, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY8=%DTMDIR%\landesk\vboot\pxelinux.0, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\pxelinux.0, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY9=%DTMDIR%\landesk\vboot\default.boot, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\default.boot, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY10=%DTMDIR%\landesk\vboot\default.menu, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\default.menu, TOREMOTE

      REMCOPY11=\\%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%\ldlogon\provisioning\linux\linuxpe.default.cfg, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\linuxpe.default.cfg, TOREMOTE

      ;{These files are needed by winpe2.0
      REMCOPY12=%DTMDIR%\landesk\vboot\bcd, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\bcd, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY13=%DTMDIR%\landesk\vboot\boot.sdi, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\boot.sdi, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY14=%DTMDIR%\landesk\vboot\boot.wim, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\boot.wim, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY15=%DTMDIR%\landesk\vboot\bootmgr.exe, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\bootmgr.exe, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY16=%DTMDIR%\landesk\vboot\pxeboot.0, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\startrom.0, TOREMOTE

      REMEXEC17=<qt/>%LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\sdclient.exe<qt/> /p="http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/landesk/files/osdrep.msi" /msi /N /An /Ac /g="{F238CE99-6614-4072-9D20-1D2FA7ED951A}"

      SETSTATUS=1240, ERR



      What bothers me is that its using a linux.img file to boot. I don't quite understand how it got like this, but could this have something to do with the drivers im inserting into WinPE img not showing up?


      I'm able to get to the WinPE Menu but it always fails when trying to aquire an IP address. (I'm assuming now that it's just the driver issue)


      After X:\ldclient\pxemenustart.cmd

      "Web request to core server failed, result 1803"

      "Http status 0 cannot get preffered server list from core"


      after X:\ldclient\wait4ip.exe /T 0

      "Timed out before aquiring an ip address"

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          cplatero SupportEmployee



          The WinPE image is listed in that script  The script sets up the PXE rep for WinPE, LinuxPE, and DosPE, that's why you see the linux files.


          In regards to your problem, are you injecting the Vista 32-bit NIC drivers?  The WinPE version included with LDMS 9 is based on the Vista kernel and needs Vista drivers (windows 7 drivers also sometimes work, but I try to use Vista if available).


          After you inject the drivers be sure to redeploy the PXE rep, it sounds like you've been doing this so I'm just being thorough here.


          Another thing to check is when getting the F8 menu, check the "Proxy Host IP", this should be the IP of the PXE rep.  If it's not, a "rogue" pxe rep is responding to your client and needs to be updated with the deployment script or uninstalled as a pxe rep.


          Let me know if any of that helps.

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            Looks like the person before me had 2 machines with the PXE represenative on them. I updated both and now the drivers load. Thank you. I'll have to check today to see if it acquires an IP address this time, because last time It wouldn't even after a "ipconfig /renew" command. I'm sure this is a seperate issue though.

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              I have one more question, the system that I am trying to image is a 64-bit windows 7 machine. I have tried using the same driver files and still seem to get stumped at Waiting for IP Address.  ipconfig /renew refuses to work because it appears that the drivers aren't even working. I loaded both Win7 and Vista 32-bit and 64-bit drivers and the WinPE menu still times out while looking for an IP address. I recieve the following error when I perform an ipconfig /renew


              An error occurred while releasing interface Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1: The system cannot find file specified.


              The operation failed as no adapter is in the state permissible for this operation.



              Any ideas? I'm all out of them.


              The network card i'm injecting drivers into the WinPE image is for the intel Gigabit 82567LM-2 Network Controller, if this helps at all.

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                Had the same problem with my Lenovo M58p using the same network card.


                You need to use Vista 32bit drivers for WinPE (starting with LANDesk 9)

                I downloaded the driver from Lenovo and extracted it to my hard drive.


                Drill down into the directory stucture.  The NDIS61 contains the files you will need.  Use the e1k6032 driver.

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                  "Use the e1k6032 driver."


                  Thanks Gary !!! I've been looking for the right driver for the last 4 hours. I can confirm that this driver also works with the Lenovo M90.

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                    That's good to know, we just received some new M90P's today.