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    Install of software to remote user via VPN









      I have been using Landesk now for over 6 months. Great software when it works. We have a problem with all VPN home workers. Each time a software package is pushed to the user that is working from home it fails to install via VPN (broadband). We have been told by the Landesk team to reinstall Landesk on these users when this happens. Well it does not work. I find it a big waste of time to do this. If I get the user to come into the office and connect with a network cable the software installs with no problems at all. There has to be some kind of fix for this problem. We have over 150 home workers and they all have this problem. Not all can get into the office they live to far away. It does not matter was software is being pushed to the Laptop, they all fail.  We have no problems connecting to the users Laptops via landesk. It can be slow at times but we connect. User version 8.7 Landesk



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          What is the message in the result field for the task?



          Is there a built in firewall with the VPN software?



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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup


            We have a number of users working from a VPN and I have found the easiest  way (we do not have a Management Gateway) to patch these systems is to use Policies to get these patches out.  The laptops are able to "pull" the patches while connected without issue.






            I think by default that the agent is configured to check for policies once a day, so if it is not on the VPN at that time it will fail.  I have mine set to check evr 2 or 3 hours.






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              zman Master


              First you must figure out why the jobs are failing (see CWheeler's post).  What are the results in the Console and the Client (C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\Data\sdclient*.logs.) We have numerous VPN clients and it does work! I know because the B&M when I push out the patches and they have to reboot. They think they are safe (on the VPN outside the office) 






              Also what SP on 8.7?



              Do you have any bandwidth restrictions in place - Delivery Methods - Agent (I never enable dynamic throttling)?



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                First let me say that we are the first and second line help desk. We get called everyday from user about software that fails to install via Landesk. Most of the users spend a lot of time travelling and do not connect to the office via VPN (Nortel Contivity VPN Client). Besides the software failing all the users are not too happy with the fact that when they are with a customer and not connected to the office via VPN. Landesk keeps popping up to install software. They have to always pick snoozes. Then with 4 or 5 items are trying to be pushed they have to click snooze each time.  Then after you have clicked snoozed to many times you are not asked anymore it just tries to install and that can take some time before the failed comes up. Why isn't Landesk smart enough to see that the user is not connected to the office and not try to push software down? Or try to install what is there and most times not all the package has downloaded the first time when the failure came.  Or like Microsoft, if I am connected to the internet and go to shut down my Laptop (personal) Microsoft then will install the updates. This way nothing is running and it installs with out problems.One other thing is that when there is an update to a program that is installed already on the Laptop Landesk never tells the user to close that program so the update can be installed. User never know that they need to closed one or two programs that might be effected by Landesk. (Examples: Lotus Notes, SAP, Internet Explorer etc)Now we have been told by the Landesk team that we should reinstall Landesk from a different CORE server. That takes 20 mins. to complete and when you start this you are not connected anymore. Then it will take a good day (24 hours) before Landesk will work correctly again. Example: Run
                WLUDEC007Z0B.rz-c007-j650.basf-ag.de\ldlogon\wscfg32.exe /f (with Admin rights) You then start this and you are kicked off the users Laptop right away. Hoping everything is going ok. User will call you back after this is completed. Then you tell them we have to wait for 24hours to see if this worked. And still we have problems. Some of the software packages are corrupted and you need to delete the whole folder and let it reistall again. A lot of time is wasted doing this.









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                  bnelson Employee

                  That was a lot of words. None of them were helpful towards resolving your issue however. Give us the errors you are receiving and tell us what the logs said. It could be any number of reasons why things are failing but without specific errors we will only be taking pop shots in the dark and hoping to hit on something.






                  I know that LANDesk works through VPN because I use with a great degree of success. I have used it to install office 2003 on a laptop that was sitting in the middle of the safari while I was sitting in my office in Atlanta. It probably has a lot to do with the way you have set things up, but again we need a clearer picture before we can be helpful.

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                    I agree with bnelson, we can't sensibly help you unless you provide the answers to the previous questions. We also use LANDesk over VPN connections so I know it work.






                    Looking at what you have said, it is more likely that your problems are down to the way you are trying to use the software. It sounds very much like either yourselves or your LANDesk team would benefit from some training. Do you have a DVAR that can come in and help you?



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                      Ok here is one of the log files. I hope this helps.












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                        zman Master

                        Quick view seems like one of the problems is with package hash being out of sync (Failed to download and hash all additional files, and other hash errors). I would rehash the package, dependencies, etc....