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    Repair Action was Deferred


      Hello. We are running the LanDesk Managment Suite at our company workplace. I am one of the I.T. Admins that is having trouble with this issue. Updates are downloaded from Microsoft, and then they are pushed out through a "Security Scan" that employee's do on the computer and then they are downloaded and applied. A bunch of computers are getting a "Repair Action was Deferred" while doing the scan, and it will download the updates but not install them. Usually when I see that message, I will just reinstall the LanDesk Client on the computer.. but it still gives me that message... Any light on what to do?

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          What is your vulnerability repair policy? If you have it set to only run when the user is logged out (like we do), you'll see that until the user logs out. Then the patches should proceed normally. If not, right click and choose Retry failed deployment on selected machines.

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            Im not 100% completely sure because I wasnt the one who manages or set up LanDesk, I'm just an I.T. user of LanDesk but I think that its set up that if a computer doesnt match its update policy, that it will send the updates to the computer and then it usually defers it for some reason? I tried restarting the Compliance scan, but still getting the same message?