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    How do I Trickle Files for Distribution


      I keep hearing about the "trickle" method of sending applications for deployment to all the machines then at a specific time the application will start.  I do not know how to do this.  We are in the middle of doing our office upgrade and I would like the package to be on everyone's PC and ready for me to execute it a few days later.  I would like to prepare and make sure that everyone's PC has the files ready to go, then on a specific day I will send a command to install.


      I know this is probably a rookie questions, what how do I do this?

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          zman Master

          I think you are referring to prestaging an application on the remote clients and then just having a push kick it off.  LANDesk first looks for the distribution package  in the local sdmcache folder on the client ...landesk\LDClient\sdmcache if the package is located there it will use that location first. If it can't find it in the local cache then it searches local peers, then preferred servers, than path specified in the distribution package properties.  There are a couple of ways to get the file(s) out to the clients first. TMC - Targeted Multicasting is one way - Look at delivery methods Multicast (cache only) and read the help on that. Too many options to go into here. So you would create a TMC job first to prestage and then use a normal policy scheduled task to kick off the installation. This is a very rudimentary explanation of the process, but it should get you started. You can also prestage the file(s) without using TMC. The best way depends on your network infrastructure, size of package, etc...

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            I'll give that a shot.



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              So I can use Multicast (Cache Only) to put the files on a Multicast Domain Rep (I created a custom Multicast Method for it).  Then when I am ready to go live I just schedule a different job with a delivery method that supports Multicast and then put my clients that I want to install on in that task (this can also incude the Multicast Domain Reps if I want the files installed on that)?  I just want to make sure I got the idea correct.


              If a client can not get the file from a Multicast device, then it will look to a peer, preferred server, then finally the Core?

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                We do this (predeploy w/ mulitcast/don't install and it works great.

                We found we COULDN'T use reserved subnet reps, rather we let landesk "elect" one since all our users in the field are in / out and there's no dependable machine at most sites... still works great.. an occasional "mulitcast rep ... couldn't be found"


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