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    Parent Child linking  - adding a Parent to a Parent ?


      We have  Parent Child linking set up in our Incident process with 'Add Parent Incident'  action, 'Awaiting Parent Resolution' status, 'Parent Resolved?' precondition and when this is fulfilled, the Child  Incident moves to Resolved status.


      However, the Parent Incident also has the Action to ''Add Parent Incident' which may lead to confusion and incorrectly linked Incidents.


      Can anyone advise if this is correct or is there a different way of implementing Parent Child linking ?


      Many thanks


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          That is certainly the standard way.  You tend to have to have the Add Child and Add parent at each status that incidents could be linked out.  Not ideal IMHO but that is the way it needs to be.  If you remove some of those actions, you may find you cannot link in the way you'd like later on.  You also cannot limit the level of linking so parents can have parents and so on.  I did think about playing around with a calculation which counted the number of child or parents on an incident and then using the precondition to limit out the ones I didn't want.  But I never had a chance to try that out in earnest.


          Better brains needed :-)