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    Re-Installation of existing client machines fails randomly




      I'm using provisioning (LDMS8.8 SP4) to set up our clientmachines and policy-tasks to update every client's software.

      If I reinstall a machine (e.g. after a hdd failure), which already exists in LDMS, the provisioning task fails sometimes (on different/random distribution packages). It seems like the provisioning task interferes with an old policy-task which the client may already got assigned in the past (before the hdd crash). It looks like the old policytasks start to run while the provisioningtask is still active. Everything works fine if you delete the machine and re-add it via "Configuration / Bare Metal Server" - like a new machine (which in fact deletes all those old policytasks). But this is kinda annoying, because only LD-Admins can delete machines from the inventory.


      Is there some workaround available to stop the provisioning task from starting other policy tasks until every provisioning job is done?


      Thanks & best regards,


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          hey Dirk,


          do you still have the previous SD task in your Scheduled Tasks tab in the console? Perhaps the task did not complete successfully for some reason. This happens to me and usually it is because the previous task is still there. So i just delete it and it usually fixes the problem. Or if you want to keep the scheduled task listed for other machines just make sure that the machine in question is not assigned to the task....just delete the machine from the task. Also, you can tell what tasks are assigned to a certain machine by right clicking on the machine and going to "Scheduled Tasks and Policies."


          hope this helps.



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            Hi Jeff,


            thanks for your reply. And yes - the old scheduled tasks, which the machine processed in the past, are still assigned. The problem is, that i cannot delete the machine from the task, because I'm mainly working with policies and queries. The assignments are done by queries so I cannot delete a single machine from the task. This would kill out the whole query from the task. What I currently do to achieve this - as mentioned - is that I delete the complete machine from the inventory. But this is only a (slightly annoying ) workaround


            what I do not understand:

            Some machine reinstall great - even with old tasks assigned - and some don't. Same hardware, same templates, same location. Seems like a timing problem or something.