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    Updating custom attributes via inbound mails

    keithr Specialist

      The customer has a requirement to update custom attributes via inbound emails.  Is it possible to update attributes other than User, title, description or attachments via inbound mail?  Ideally something like the custom forms that could be used in HelpDesk classic

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          Classic did have some useful bit and bobs!  I remember the checkbox mountain that was automail!  Strictly speaking the answer is no, but you don't want to hear that.  So what you could do is have some key phrase in the note and in the process add some checks at each point to look for this phrase.  Then use a windowless action to update the string attribute required from the description of the mail.  I guess with some clever calculation work it might also be possible to 'parse' the description and strip things out that way.  It would probably be quite a lot of work!


          It might be worth looking at the event manager or even opentouch.  If the system generating those emails can instead run apps/web servcies, then that might be a cleaner approach.


          I'd also talk to your account manager and maybe look at some integration points that are happening in 7.4  I can say no more :-)

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            keithr Specialist

            Cheers Dave, Via the web service sounds nice.  I think open touch or event manager mght be required for the level of email integration that the customer is looking for.


            Thanks again.  Keiht