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    Scheduled task issues






      we are currently running a nightly scheduled task that shuts down PCs using the poweroff.exe script, this pulls PCs in from an LDAP query so that we can exclude PCs from an AD group which changes. We currently have it set to start at midnight on 5 seperate sites but the job is taking between 2.5 and 7 hours (depending on numbers of PCs) as it only pushes out the job to between 2 and 30 PCs at a time even though we have set the distribution of jobs to 240 at a time.






      Any ideas?



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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          Are you using a "Managed Script" or a Distribution Package?

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            We started by using managed tasks but this was taking over 7 hours to shut down machines, so we switched to using a distributed package. This has been working fine and currently takes around 1 and half hours to send out (which is not ideal but the best we can get). We recently had an issue which caused the scheduler to lock and so when it was restarted the job began to run. So I have a further question. Is is possible to retrict a job, not just a recurring one, to run only within a certain time frame as it is the inventory scanner?