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    VBoot partition not found on disk




      Since recently upgrading our LANDesk core from 9.0 sp0 to sp2, our provisioning tasks have been failing.  In the cmd.exe window during the pxe process, it successfully gets past the "reg import all.reg" command.  The next part lists partitions, then displays the error message, "VBoot partition not found on disk."  After a few seconds, it then appends, "Value CoreServer exists, overwrite (Yes/No)?" to the end of that line.  If this came up before, it managed to get past it on its own.  Now, you have to answer.


      If you hit yes, it claims the operation completed successfully, and spits out the dhcp address along with  Then it says resolving core server name (/f)..... and fails.  It repeats this several times until it errors, "Timed out when resolving core server name."  If you hit no, it reports, "The operation was canceled by the user," and again spits out the ip addresses.  Then, it says, "resolving core server name (%mycoreserver%)..." and fails after multiple retries as before.

      In either case, the suggestion printed at the end is to check your network and to inject drivers into the WinPE image.  However, we've deployed to these exact machines before and had no driver issues.  No drivers have been added or removed to the image since the upgrade (drivers were added before and have been working just fine for us).


      I notice in the readme for sp2, "Enabled VBoot in provisioning" is listed under Important changes and additions SP2.  I've been unable to determine how to disable that to see if that would resolve our issue.  Can anyone offer some guidance on where to go from here?