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    Renaming a computer to the orignial LANDeskID name after provisioning OS deployment

    pacificmags Rookie

      Hi all,


      I am trying to figure out how to get a computer to rename back to the name it had before it has been re-imaged. We are upgrading from WinXP SP 3 to Windows 7 using LANDesk Provisioning to deploy the image. Image deployment is all OK and working well but now we are trying to use User State Migration Tool to automatically capture the users profiles , settings etc., using ScanState.exe and then deploy the image and then redeploy the user profiles using LoadState.exe.


      I can get the USMT process working fine when i just do it manually but the problem is i want to run this on multiple computers at the same time using the same Provisioning template. Therefore, i run into an issue where i have to name each of the ScanState capture data and log files uniquely and then use LoadState to load the unique loadstate data files.


      When running scanstate manually i use %computername% which creates all the file using the current computer name but when i deploy the image it gets a random computer name "AUTO-XXXX". As a result I am not able to use the %computername% variable to identify the loadstate files since the computer name is now different to the what it was when scanstate was executed.


      If I could get the computer to rename itself to the name that it had prior to imaging (all computers are in LANDesk so have a ID record) then i could be sure that it gets the same name it used to have and therefore will be able to use the %comptuername% variable to capture and deploy the USMT data files.


      Landesk version we use is V9 SP2.


      In old LANDesk V8.8 i was able to rename computers after imaging back to the name they used to have. How can i do it now?


      Any hep would be appreciated. Is this clear as mud?