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    how to setup a PXE representative on a remote site

    Gilles Portal Apprentice

      Hi everybody.


      I m working in french compagny and our main office are in Paris. But we have several agencies and most of them are realy far away. Landesk works corectly on all our sites,and all endpoint clients are reporting to our core server in Paris.

      I use a PXE representative in paris without any problems and we use a boot.wim whith all our main network drivers cards. It works for all our computers.


      Actually i need do deploy OS provisionning task in one of our agency. So i had deployed a PXE representative in  this agency, with the good boot.wim file. It seems to works corectly, as ours locals computer can use the winPE PXE boots. The problem is that as soon as Windows PE is up, the local computer never get a new IP adress.


      I dont understand what happens. The client computer request a PXE boot, then take a PXE IP adress which is correct, Load thez WinPXE boot image, then start windows, then load all the good networs drivers, and then nothing else.


      Anybody got an Idea?

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          Could be a problem with your DHCP scope not leasing to bootp.

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            Gilles Portal Apprentice

            Thanks for the information.

            The answer helps us to boot with PXE quicker but we still not get any IP address after windows PE had started.


            I still don’t understand why. Our computers over there are exactly the same models we had here.

            - The PXE representative is on as it works correctly: The PXE Client computer get an address IP and display the boot menu. Then the computer choose the good PXE menu ( WinPe Provisioning) and start Windows PE.

            -Windows PE Boot disk is OK and works correctly: Windows PE start, the network cards drivers are correctly loaded. The problem here is that the network card never obtains a correct IP address. IPCONFIG: IP address 169.x.x.254 mean in windows system failed to get and IP address. The local site should get a 192.168.... IP address.


            My provisioning test template for the moment is very simple:

            System Migration:

                 - Reboot

            Os Installation:

                 - Create a folder c:\test.gil

            Post-Os Installation:

                 - Reboot

            The results:

            In Windows environment the targeted computer begin the provisioning task and the reboot correctly.

            As the first boot device is network card, it starts the PXE boot, and then gets the PXE IP address. Then it displays the PXE boot menu, and starts automatically the Win PE provisioning ones. Then Windows PE start and load its drivers, and try to get an IP address. Then it failed to get one.




            I confirm that in our Paris main office every provisioning template is working fine. I had OS deployment templates for new computers, and some re-installation ones to repair or migrate OS, with packages installation in the system configuration and we used all these provisioning templates since February 2010. I had updated my boot.wim file tree times and it work fine with all ours computers and laptops.