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    Return Code 1 for an SWD package after upgrade to LDMS9 Sp2

    mercuzio Apprentice

      Hi all, after upgrade side by side from an 8.7 to LDSM9 + SP2 i made some test on software<distribution task. Some push tasks of SWD,EXE,msi package run succesfully as they did before upgrade but one SWD package that always run succesfully now it fails with return code 1.


      Tha package is an OLE DB Client Acces IBM packaged with "package builder". I always deployed it as preliminary package in a push task from 8.7 Core to 8.7 client.

      Now i deployed it from  9.(sp2) Core to 9Sp2 client but all the package (preliminary-main-final) fails because it stops on preliminary.


      If i deploy SWD OLE DB package alone it installs succesfully on the client but the task fails with return code 1. so in a combined task with Other packages all the task fails; it also would be a problem if i use a policy supported push method i will have all devices qued in the policy list.


      Any idea? what is return code 1 ?


      Thanx for help