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    Change primary partition size

    Cedric FRANCOIS Apprentice



      When i make my OSD Image (using imageW.exe) the C partition size (used for system) was fixed to 20Gb. But now my HDD size has grown and the Windows directory grows too, i would like to change the system size without changing my image.


      I search and found that the partition is creatd from WIPEDISK0.txt diskpart script with no defined size. Should I change this script or is there a better way or a working way ?



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          EMiranda Expert

          couple ways you can do this:


          after your image is laid down, just add another diskpart function like this:


          REMEXEC25=ldrun i:\imagew.exe /r /o /d:0 /f:"""i:\Images\Image.TBI""" /rb:0
          REMEXEC26=diskpart /s I:\DiskPart\osdprep.txt


          in your osdprep.txt you can use the extend command (assuming you are using LANDesk 9.0+ that uses WinPE 2.1):


          select disk 0
          select volume 1
          extend size=20480


          this would make your partition 40 gigs



          you can also use the builtin switches from imagew.exe



          Use this parameter to resize a partition after restoring. n is the size in MiB’s that you want to establish for the restored partition.