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    Restore image destination

    Benjamin THIEN Specialist



      I have problems with restoring, i want to restore the same image on two Dell optiplex 740 and i can see while restoring :


      Destination C:\ Disk C on a machine and on the second Destination  MBR: 0

      On the first it's ok and on the second it don't work, i use the same script...




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          Benjamin THIEN Specialist



          I find a solution, i launch a Windows XP installation CD, after i break all the disk partitions, i create a new one and format it... after i reboot and when i deploy an image, i can see C:\ Disk C each time... it works but anyone know another tips ?


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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            I think your way (booting the OS-CD only AFTER you did the partition job) is the only way to get this done.


            I've had to come to a similar conclusion ... uh - about 6 years ago when doing something with OSD. That was a migration away from NT4 to Windows XP.


            The operation sounded simple - wipe the partitions, re-create them (in the new NTFS), install Windows XP.


            Well - sadly, AFTER (re-)creating the new partition, we eventually (after a lot of frustration) figured out that we needed a reboot, since only after a reboot was it possible to actually FORMAT the darn partition.


            FDISK and friends are a bit strange in the way of partition creation ... and there seem to be a few unmentioned rules about when you can actually access them (doesn't make much sense to me, to be honest, since we weren't going in through the HD's MBR, but go figure).


            One of those "fun yet important" things to keep in mind with any kind of OSD-related stuff, I think.


            Great to hear that you worked out a solution for yourself though .


            - Paul Hoffmann

            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead