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    HTTP Authentication used for Preferred Package servers?


      We started to setup our environment with HTTP enabled Preferred package servers.

      Before we did only use UNC.

      I was assuming that Landesk also logins to the HTTP share by using the credentials from the preferred server configuration.

      The problem is that I see in the IIS logging on the preferred servers a lot of computers trying to download a file and getting a 401 error (Access Denied)

      I configured IIS to use Windows authentication and the Preferred server "read" account does have permissions. I can even download files though Internet Explorer with this account.


      Lookingh to the log files I see sometimes that the Landesk download logs-on with the preferred server account. IIS returns a 200 error, but directly after that a 401 error when downloading the files.

      I configured now IIS to accept Anonymous connections and everything works fine now.

      So my question is. Does Landesk use this preferred server account when downloading files over HTTP?