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    Interactive Services Detection


      Hi all,


      I'm attempting to deploy Office 2010 to a Windows 7 machine via LANDesk 9 SP1.  I'm using an MSP file configured for Basic display of the setup.  There is no user interaction required, we just want it to display the progress bar and prompt at the end when complete for a reboot.


      The package downloads successfully and will begin deploying to the machine, but eventually an icon appears on the taskbar called Interactive Services Detection. Clicking that prompts you to view the message, which brings me to a gray desktop with the Office setup progress bar and eventually the completion notice, which does require user interaction.  The package installs successfully once the message is acknowledged, it just hangs until that has been done.


      Is anyone else attempting to push this out in a non-silent manner?  If I push the package out silently (set display to None via the O.C.T.), we don't run into this issue.  I know this is related to UAC, but we don't want to turn that off in our environment.  I'd like to find a solution for this that doesn't involve disabling the Interactive Services service either.