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    Launch Pad Error (Shortcut.Runner)


      I am having a problem with a particular shortcut in the LaunchPad. I have a deployment package which works fine. I create a LaunchPad link with all of the required fields filled out. I schedule the link and the software installs fine, but when I click on the shortcut in the LaunchPad I get an error:


      LANDesk Launchpad Error (shortcut.runner)

      CreateProcess failed to launch executable; contact your network administrator.


      Now, if I manually create a shortcut on the desktop with the exact same options specified in the Launchpad Link Manager, the program opens fine. This is not a problem with the distribution package.


      I did a quick test and had the Launchpad link set to deploy the shortcut to both the Launchpad and the Desktop. Both links failed! I checked the properties of the failed link that LANDesk deployed to the desktop and the "Target" of the link has an error in it. The error is from the "Command Line Arguments" section of the Link Properties in Link Management. I have specified:


      -Djava.ext.dirs=lib;lib\web -jar UpdateClient.jar


      And the resultant desktop shortcut has:




      I have attached screenshots of the salient error messages.


      So it looks like LANDesk is not building the shortcuts properly. Any ideas?

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