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    Problem creating a Landesk connection under Data Connections


      Hi Nephi Wolf,


      I have installed LDSD 7.3 and LDMS 9 Console on my test server.  There is no FireWall, its been turned off fully.  I have also installed SQL Server 2008 for testing database connectivity and query reults.  I have also created a ODBC connection from LDSD server to the DB server.



      I still get the same message "Test Connection Failed".


      Q1.     Is is maindatory to create Data Connections and if YES which one to create?


      Q2.     I have tried creating Data Connection for Active Directory and Landesk and they both fail with same error message "Test Connection Failed"


      Q3.     Is there a log written about this error if YES where?


      Please help me as its been past 2 days I am unable to understand about the error / connection issue.  I have Generic Connection going successfully.


      Briefing about me, I am around 35 Days Old to this Landesk stuff and total newbie for LDSD.  I am unable to get screen shoots very sorry for that.



      Please help me Tipule I mean Friend