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    Actv Directory & Lotus notes


      Hi All,


      1. How to connect AD with LDSD?

      I've read manual LDSD for Administrator, but no detail explained for how to connect to AD..

      anyone have a details manual?


      2 If i use Lotus Notes,how to config mail outbound and inbound?




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          Stu McNeill Employee



          In regards to your first question could you explain what you're trying to do with Active Directory?  If you are trying to import data there is a section on Data Connections in the LDSDAdministrator.pdf manual.


          To configure mail integration with Lotus Notes you configure this in the same way as any other mail server which is detailed in the same manual.  Service Desk can connect to mailboxes via the IMAP protocol so this must be enabled on your Lotus Notes server, and it sends mail via SMTP.

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            Hi Stu,


            1. my first question, Yes i want import data end user from Active Directory. I wa read the LDSD Manual guide but i thinks its no exolain detail.

            if you have the manuals or step by step or anything about importing from AD, i will apreciate if you can share with me .


            2. about Lotus Notes, Ok, thanks for your answer Stu.. its helped




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              Stu McNeill Employee



              The steps are in the LDSDAdministrator.pdf manual from the chapter called "Connections".  On the 7.3.2 version of this document this is page 175.