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    IEAK 8 wizard - Internet Explorer 8 - LanDesk Rollout


      Hi All,


      You are always a good help on here and I’m wondering if you could help me again


      We are moving from Lotus Notes over to Outlook and I’m trying to update all the machines to have Internet Explorer 8 so the remote web access contains all the features that users might need. Currently most people here are still on IE6. We have 400+ machines and a small work force so i figured this could save us alot of time.


      I have downloaded the Internet Explorer Administration wizard (IEAK) for Internet Explorer 8 and built a package, i have created a distribution package using the .exe file that is created ( reading in forums i was told to not push out the .msi as it doesn’t install the package fully ) pushed this .exe to a few test machines all currently running IE6. The problem I’m getting is the task shows as successful but when looking at the machine IE8 hasn’t been installed. I’m wondering what it is I’m doing wrong? I haven’t had great success with these wizards nor rolling out packages using Landesk but i know once i have some training and understand the system fully it will be a valuable asset. I’m also currently rolling out the latest adobe using the wizard and receiving the error "package not supported by operating system" not having a great time here



      Any help you can offer with this i would be very grateful. ( I’m trying to get some real Landesk training but i think this wont be until next year )



      Thanks as always

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          I've not deployed IE in quite a while -- I'm guessing you don't have patch manager, as you could have that do the work for you, I believe?


          Anyway - one of the problems with IE updates is that you not ONLY need to have the needed rights at install time, but post-reboot you usually need (or need-ED to in older versions) log in as local admin. Among one of the best ways of working around that was with a series of packages (each calling the next one).


          Let me dig up the old info (this was IE5 / IE6 time), which may help you along:


          Ah - found where I posted it in community already. Have a read through this thread:

          - http://community.landesk.com/support/message/13077#13077


          The whole thread should hold useful information for you.


          One of the problems here is that you need to 'survive' reboots whilst doing a custom package, which can be a bit interesting. Could be easier trying to work "around" this with a few of these ideas:

          -- Break up into several packages (and set up "package pre-requisites" based on hierarchy).


          -- Have the FINAL package / install action create a custom registry key for you that you read out (as part of inventory). You can then run a query on the values of this registry key, and find out which have been successful / failed, etc. Question here is how comfortable you are with dealing with exit conditions and all that "fun stuff" .


          Hope this gets you at least a little started.


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead