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    Error while generating RSS




      I'm trying out the RSS feature of Service Desk (7.3.2) and have run into to trouble.


      Following the manual, everything seem fine until I click the Generate button on the RRSWebGenerator page (in my case http://localhost/rsswebgenerator/default.aspx).


      The queries I've set up in the TPS RSS Feed Generator shows in the drop-down but when I click Generate I get the following error:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      - <rss version="2.0">
      - <channel>
        <title>Error while generating RSS : Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined.</title>
        <link />
        <description>at System.Uri.CreateThis(String uri, Boolean dontEscape, UriKind uriKind) at System.Uri..ctor(String uriString) at Microsoft.Web.Services2.WebServicesClientProtocol.set_Url(String value) at Touchpaper.Framework.SoapClient.Web.SoapClientSession.GetServiceProxy(String service) at Touchpaper.Framework.SoapClient.Web.SoapClientSession.Logon() at RSSGenerator.QueryHelper.Login(String tpsHost, String userName, String password) at RssQuery.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) in c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\RssWebGenerator\RssQuery.aspx.cs:line 116</description>
        <webMaster />
        <managingEditor />
        <lastBuildDate>Tue, 07 Dec 2010 15:47:49 GMT</lastBuildDate>


      I've tried different users but the outcome is the same. Any ideas?


      I'm trying this in a VMware sandbox running Windows Server 2003