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    Package.Porter.Exe Import/Export


      Migrating from LANDesk 8.8.4 to LANDesk 9.2.


      Using package.porter.exe to export/import my distribution packages. Is there a way to export/import the group structure I have created for my packages?





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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Not with package porter - that'll export / import stuff only as "public".




          What you CAN do is make a copy of your current 8.8 database, and upgrade that in a test-environment to 9.0 -- then you can use Core Synchronisation to copy that across to your new (and I would assume - empty?) 9.0 SP2 database.


          That may make life easier.

          Alternatively, if you "just" upgrade your 8.8 database you'll obviously retain your structure -- what's the reason (if any) for starting with a new DB / not upgrading the 8.8 DB?


          Context - as always - will help us provide better answers.


          - Paul Hoffmann

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            Currently we are on LDMS 8.8 SP4. We have purchased a new core and database server for our 9.0 SP2 upgrade.


            I already installed LDMS 9.0 selecting new database on the installation. I had originally thought that I would be able to import my distribution packages and scheduled tasks from my 8.8 server. Now that I know that I cannot import scheduled tasks and it does not keep my group structure on distribution packages I think i will be best to copy my existing database over to the new server.



            My new question:


            After I copy over the database, will I need to uninstall/reinstall the core and select upgrade existing database or is there a way I can copy/upgrade the 8.8 database without reinstalling the core?

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              If I understand correctly - you want to know "what needs to be done" after you've made a copy of your 8.8 database?

              Well - assuming that by "making a copy" you've included "restored into a new DB" on your SQL, server, the answer is pretty much "nothing". Just upgrade to 9.0.


              During the 9.0 install, we will be asking for the location of your "old" database (if you have one) -- at this point you provide the access details for your restored copy.


              So for instance:


              Database-server == YourDBServer

              Database Name == YourCopiedDBName

              username == ...

              password == ...

              Port == ...


              and so on, and then (on the other side) you provide the information for the 9.0 Database to be (Make sure you followed the instructions for setting it up, depending on your flavour of SQL Server).


              The upgrade process essentially looks like this (simplifying here):


              1 - Upgrade the old database up to 8.8 SP4 level. This modifies the old database itself.

              2 - Once the old DB is migrated to 8.8 SP4, we are in a "known state" as it were, and begin the upgrade.


              3 - The upgrade process READS information from the old database, reformats it (as needed) and inserts it into the new 9.0 database.


              So it's non-destructive towards your old/copied database.




              Does this answer your question?


              - Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead