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    PXE Rep issues

    fchrappah Apprentice

      I am having error 53 from the PXE . I have to reboot the pxe reps to get it to work anyday I have to get into pxe boot. Any ideas why I have to kkep rebooting pxe reps to get pxe boot going?

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          philipp.orak SupportEmployee



          PXE-E53 mean "No boot filename received".


          1. Where are client and PXE Rep located? Are they in the same subnet?

          2. Make sure the PXE Rep is not on a DHCP server

          3. Make sure it is not on the core server




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            philipp.orak SupportEmployee



            Have you managed to solve this issue?



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              I was running into this issue randomly. We didn't run into this in the first place until after we upgraded from 8.8 SP4 to 9 SP2. So far we think we resolved it by making sure the PXE server IP address is excluded from the pool of addresses of the DHCP scope because since we did this, it hasn't reoccurred. I believe that is the only change we made since it started happening.


              If it starts happening again, I will report back.

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                We have this problem also. All of our PXE Reps are Windows 7 computers acting as mount points (preferred servers) at branch locations around the country. What appears to happen is twofold.


                  - First when our systems go to standby this appears to cause problems with the LANDesk PXE service so we set the machines to never go to standby or any form of energy savings


                  - Second, any time the computer is patched or updated there is a good chance that the LANDesk PXE Service will get into a "partially halted state". The service does not stop fully rather it gets into a stopping or unuseable condition.


                   The fix we use is that we have a batch process that restarts the service (LANDesk PXE Service) every morning at 0500 hrs so that when our techs arrive and start imaging new systems they are not finding it necessary to restart their respective PXE servers.