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    Query to show jobs in SLA and out of SLA

    neil_p1000 Apprentice

      Hi all


      Im trying to do a query to show jobs resolved within SLA with a criteria of Between certain Dates, By Resolver Group or Resolver Analyst

      I have used the OOTB query for Incident inside SLa this month and change the criteria to be as follows:


      The Business object that this uses is Incident


              Status.Title Is One Of (Resolved, Closed)

      AND is Breached Is Equal To (False)

      AND Resolutions.Creation Date Is Between Dates Prompt User

      AND Latest Assignment.Group Is Equal To Prompt User

      AND Resolutions.Last Update By Is Equal to Prompt User


      Do you think this will give me the results I need because I am a bit confused if the criteria is correct. i.e is Last assignment Group correct?


      Any help or better suggestions woiuld be appreciated.




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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

          Hi Neil


          It all depends on whether you ever get someone from a different group than the job is assigned to resolving a job.  I would say it might be better to go for Resolution.Create User and Resolution.Create Group as this will show the person who creates the resolution record and fills in the resolution details.  That is assuming that you have both the user and group who created this record stored in the database - it might be worth just doing a query to look at this on its own before you start.


          Best wishes


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