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    Return codes with Kix script


      Here's my situation. I want to deploy a .bat file calling a .kix script. Obviously I will need to include kix32.exe and my .kix file as additional files in the package.


      The .bat will basically consist of:


      kix32.exe my_script.exe


      This part I am confident will work because we do it with GPO's all the time.



      The last line of the kix script is going to be:


      EXIT @Error



      What I am hoping will happen is that the kix will pass its error level to the .bat file. The question is, will/how do I get the .bat file to return the correct error codes back to the core so I know if the .kix was sucessful or not? I remember reading some stuff about having .bat files communicate custom messages back to the core so I reckon that will be involved at some level.



      Any takers?