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    How to find the SP3 file?


      Hi all,


      Recently, I've been given the task to finish XP SP 3 upgrades started by the previous holder of my position.  However, no one knows where the process stopped.  I was wondering how I could search to see which machines have the SP3 file/installer but hasn't been upgraded yet.  I've been told the upgrade happened through a policy that downloaded the update, but never installed it because we wanted to install the update locally with site IT.


      I have already formed a query that shows which machines have been updated to SP3, but I'm still a little stuck on querying for the file itself.


      I hope my description is easy to understand.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          If they used LANDesk for staging the file on the systems, it would only live for 2 - 14 days by default before being removed from cache.


          Of course, that is if you used the normal means within LANDesk to copy / stage the file.  If you moved it to the clients another way, it could still be there.


          How was the file moved there?


          What location was it copied too?


          Give us a bit more info and we might be able to help.

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            Thank you for replying, James!


            Your questions got me thinking, then I ended up answering my own question.


            Basically, since it is considered a "vulnerability," I queried by vulnerability.


            Attached is the query I ultimately used.


            And since some of you might ask, the reason I added the line "computer"."os"."Name". Not Like "server" was so that I would accidentally get any servers in my query.  We have some new people that have installed incorrect agents and are in the process of correcting that.


            James, thanks again for your questions, because that's pretty much what pushed me in the right direction.