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    Maintenance Window






      We are using Server Manager and monitoring and alerting off certain windows services - however, we reboot these servers every night or every week to complete processes on one of our applications. This ofcourse sets off the alert to the services since they stop and start. Can a maintenance window be set to not alert off these events during the time of the automatic reboot? so that we do not get these alerts during this timeframe they are of course normal due to the fact we are rebooting the servers. However, we would still like to monitor these services during the normal operations in order to alert if one of these services fails outside the reboot.



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



      Thanks Russell



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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          Such a feature does not exist to my knowledge though I am not the Server Manager expert.

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            There is not a feature in server manager that I have seen on our end. Never tried this before, but you could stop the LANDesk Alert Service on your core, do your maintenance, then turn it back on. I'm not sure if this would actually work or if you would get a dump of alerts once you start the service back up.


            Good feature enhancement request though.

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              With LDSM 8.8 you have the ability to set a time filter and assign it to your alert rule. For example you create your service monitoring alert, then you drop your action type such as send email. Then you drop your time filter, say Monday through Friday 8:am to 5:00 pm. So as long as your maintenance is set outside of the customized time filter,  you will not send these false alerts.

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                This is correct however, I am pretty sure you can do this today as well. The alert ruleset has time set solution already. The alert ruleset is just one concern. the other I have is the moitored alerts within the console. We have a staffed NOC and without turning off the monitor ruleset during scheduled times the console will light up like a christmas tree and the NOC staff will have to drill down into each server (over 2000 of them) to see if these are alerts based off the reboot of the servers or are they true failures. I spoke with LANDesk the other week and they have told me that they are working on this for servers due to the frequency of customers asking for this. not sure what build this will be in.