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    Problems with W7-64 deployment


      Hi guys


      We are playing with the whole OS deployment via Provisioning at the moment.

      We have a working Win7 32Bit image ... the image gets loaded back to the target system, HII is working, reboots, agent install and so on.

      Now I have tried the same steps with a Win7 64Bit image and it got stuck after HII ... the machine is rebooting after HII and the autologon is coming ... and then the sysprep windows appears on the desktop of the machine.

      So I think there is a problem with the unattend.xml which is working fine for 32Bit ... it is the same xml file ... we used variables for processortype which are set to amd64 in the provisioning template.

      So I thought this should work, but it does not.

      Any ideas? Or can you give me a hint where I can find a log file for that so that I can see if something strange is happening there?


      Thanks in advance,


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          To me it sounds like sysprep didn’t seal your image properly.


          You should set up a fresh Windows 7 x64 installation, go into audit mode via CTRL+Shift+F3, install all current updates, customize as needed, stop the wmpnetworksvc service and then let sysprep seal the image with the generalize option checked.


          Attached you’ll find my unattend.xml which I use to deploy Windows 7 Pro x64. It is working just fine.


          Instead of the build in HII function I use a custom solution where I copy the necessary drivers to “C:\Drivers” after the unattend.xml injection and let dpinst do the installation in the specialize phase of Windows setup. EMiranda explained it here: http://community.landesk.com/support/thread/9307