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    Rename computers using custom script




      I'm looking to create a custom script which I can schedule manually on any computers that fail to meet our current naming conventions (they have changed recently to use the serial number).  I have a vbscript that does this using netdom and by reading the bios serial number, fairly new to LANDesk so looking for some advice on how best to achieve this?


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          I have an unanswered thread going on how to use LDMS 9.0 to rename computers...





          I'm moving to Win7 and couldn't find a version of netdom that would work; I'm currious if your needs are for Win7 also?


          I can see getting machines in the console's network view (tree) with updated inventories and then using the database values (inventory) as variables in a rename script...but like I said, I don't have a netdom version that I can use for Win7 so I have not tried this.


          Right now I'm struggling with pulling from the inventory and using those values as variables in provisioning...I'm trying to figure that out so I'll be a leg up as soon as someone points me to NETDOM.exe.


          -good luck