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    8.8 to V9SP2 updating HII Template - Whats changed?


      Hi All,


      Haven't posted on here in some time ! 


      I've been tasked with updating a HII Provisioning template I built back in early 8.8 days FUN! As i'm sure you can imagine it's not working now. Before I start troubleshooting it, I was wondering if someone could shed some light on core changes in V9 SP2 done in provisioning which would effect my template. Right off the bat, I know were working with a new version of WINPE, and HII is now built into LANDesk suite so there are some process changes there.


      I've noticed already that Templates built under a specific user and then moved to public folder get the error "The selected softare distribution package is invalid. Specify a valid software distribution package." It appears the Public templates only look at the software packages stored in the public folder vs looking back at the original creators folder like it did in V 8.8. Is this a known issue, or to expected functionality?


      If there are any good docs, for HII with Provisioning which you all recommend that would be great. Figured I would hit the community to pick up on known issues with SP2, and Provisioning before diving into it.


      Thanks all - and happy holidays!