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    How to determine LANDesk version from client side?




      I am having a problem trying to install SP2 on my clients via a patch management task,


      In an effort to avoid wasting time, I decided to manually download the CLIENTSP2 files to the desktop of a test machine. I ran setup.exe, which displayed a progress bar going through 7 individual processes before completing the installation and prompting me to reboot.


      Once rebooted, I ran an inventory scan.


      The problem came when I logged into LDMS.


      - I found the test machine device

      - I right clicked the device and selected "Security and Patch Information"

      - The report showed that the client required SP2 under "ALL DETECTED"

      - The report did not show SP2 as installed under "ALL INSTALLED"


      So I need to know for sure if SP2 installed or not. Is there any way to determine this from the client side? Surely there has to be something in the LD directory to show if SP2 is installed or not?


      Thank you,