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    OS Deployment


      Dear All,


      I'm new on LANDesk OSD, many questions I want to ask. please!


      1, For the Create and Config Master Image for OSD, is it mean that I should setup a new win7 environment in one PC first?

          Then customize the OS settings and install applications?


      2, If the Master images is ready, how can I capture by LANDesk OSD? How to setup the WINPE with capture script. Capture script stand for what?

          I don't know how to write capture script.


      3, What is PXE boot? and How to make it right?


      4. How to create Unattend.xml? is it a must to finish deployment with it?


      Sorry for so many low level questions. Please advise.

      Many Thanks!



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          Hi Ray,


          The following Article is a great place to start.


          Best Known Method for Deploying Windows 7 - Revision 3 updated 3/19/2010


          As for the PXE part of the question, did you not find an answer here?



          I'm not sure if I'm allowed to paste it here so have a look at the help document in your console.

          It has a good run down of what you need to do. Search for "Deploying PXE representatives"


          I'll try and Sum up PXE below:


          When you PXE boot the machine is loading software from a remote source (The PXE representatives) via the NIC.

          In our case we are loading a WinPE image.  (You can validate your license for WinPE on the core by downloading the Windows AIK).

          The PXE representative then puts your machine with it's WinPE image in touch with your LDMS Core where it will get it's instructions.


          Using OSD or Provision templates you can then command WinPE to:

          Setup the clients hard drive

          deploy your image

          and run other commands that you might need prior to starting the OS (I configure the BIOS on my dells at this stage)

          (WinPE is also used to capture the OS)


          Once the OS is deployed and target OS configured your machine will boot into windows where the rest of the magic take place in conjunction with the LANDesk Agent.


          I know this is a quick and dirty summery but I hope it helps.

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            Hi Doc,


            after one week learning and testing, I've successfully captured the image from the source,


            and now I create a PXE Representative Deployment,


            Is it use a PC to boot from PXE then download the image for  the deployment?

            I just try but it shows "MTFTP - " the hyphen will rotate seems like downloading  the image,

            Unfortunately, it's failed!


            any point I may need to concern?


            please advise,



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              Benjamin THIEN Specialist

              Hi Rayjen,


              Do you activate your WINPE licence ?

              In the PXE menu, what do you have ?

              Try to choose WINPE Menu

              Do you check the firewall on the PXE ?


              Yes it boot from PXE representative and it download the WINPE image from it.

              Wish it can help you.

              I'm new too on landesk, but few months trainning...



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                Thanks for your help.


                I've already succeed to capture the image.

                Now the but really in trouble at deployment now!

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                  Benjamin THIEN Specialist

                  I will explain how i do ok ?


                  The PXE representative is listening on the network, i boot a computer on NIC with PXE, i press F8 to access to PXE boot menu and i choose WINPE Menu, you have to make your deployment script before (OS deployment/New WINPE Config, after you put your indentification informations, and you chose the imaging software, here imagew.exe ... the path of your os image and it's all)



                  You will have new script in OS deployment that you drag it to PXE boot menu, after that click on refresh !!


                  After that in the WINPE Menu you will see your deploy script and you will can use it for deploy your image.

                  Sorry my english is poor but i wish you can understand all.