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    Test Core?

    1EarEngineer Specialist


      We currently are running LDMS and soon to be LDHDC, am have been using LD for about 8 months now but was wondering if LANDesk offers any type of Test Core, or something we can install for learning purposes etc. From my understanding there may be some liscensing issues involved so I was curious as to how I can go about this.


      I'd really like to have a core that I can start from scratch and using alonside the Elearning software without disrupting our Active Core.


      Thanks so much

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          Jason SupportEmployee

          You are licensed per node(managed device) and not per core. So with that being said you can install a test(lab) core(s) with no problem or additional purchase needed, many of our customers have this setup this way for testing/training purposes so that they do not interfere with the production environment. You do need to watch your license count as it a cumulative count not a per core account. So let say you have bought 100 licenses you can distribute those 100 anyway you see fit - example core A (production core) has 85 clients reporting to it you could have up to 15 test clients reporting to core B (lab core) you just can not exceed your license count.