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    "Please wait" during PNP detection


      Ok all you II guys out there. I'm trying to get provisioning working on a Dell 755 system. I am doing driver injection with a JScript and am positive I have everything in there it needs. What is happening is that after the EXP ghost image the machine reboots. When it starts to come back up in to the min-setup, it hangs and the screen with "Please Wait". It will sit there indefinitely and never proceed. I can manually power off the machine, bring it back up and it will continue past the "Please Wait" screen and continue to build the rest of the machine.


      When the machine boots to Windows, every driver is installed and I don't get any new hardware found wizards. I also have it set to ignore driver signing in the sysprep.inf file. I am assuming what is happening is that there is some kind of UI behind the "Please Wait" screen that is looking for user input, and I would assume this is probably related to PNP and driver injection. So I guess my questions is: Is there anyway that anyone knows of to get the UI to display? So if there is something waiting for input I can see what it is. Also I'm not aware of this being a function of sysprep, but is there a way I can tell it to just skip past any drivers it can't find instead of bringing up the new hardware wizard during the mini-setup?