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    Landesk deployment  and MDT

    fchrappah Apprentice

      I want to know how to deploy MDT from Landesk. Is it possible and how do i do that. Thanks

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          EMiranda Expert

          Your request seems vague.


          Are you asking to package and deploy MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) to machines?

          Are you asking how to deploy an image (WIM file) with MDT through LANDesk?

          Are you asking how to just deploy an image (WIM file) with LANDesk?

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            fchrappah Apprentice

            I asking how to deploy an image with MDT through landesk. I will also be grateful if you can let me know how to package and deploy MDT to machines. I have tried it a few of the packaging and the most issues I have is getting apps like adobe, oracle client 11g applied to the images.

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              EMiranda Expert

              sorry I am not to familiar with MDT other than i know it creates and deploys images as .wim files using imageX.  I am assuming in MDT you create actions/templates for how you want to capture/deploy the image.


              I have a few questions.


              MDT is a deployment tool.  LANDesk is a deployment tool.  Why do you want to double the load of something that you only need one tool to do?  you already have LANDesk and paid for it , so why wouldnt you just use that to deploy your image.  LANDesk does deploy .wim images using the imageX utility.



              I want to help you but I think I am confused on where you are going with this...

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                fchrappah Apprentice

                I wish it was me. People in my organization have heard somewhere of this MDT and I have been told to research on it and see if it will be beneficial to our landesk environment . That is why i am asking.

                Since landesk can deploy win images through the imageX utility, that is all I need to let them know. Thanks

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                  fchrappah Apprentice

                  The last question I have for you is if an imageX is to used , which imaging application must be used? Is still ImageWV2 . Please let me know.

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                    EMiranda Expert

                    imageX is the imaging application.  it is equivilent to imageW.exe or ghost.exe.


                    You choose your destiny on how you want to image, whether it is a .wim file (imageX), a .TBI file (imageW) or a .GHO file (ghost).  Once you know, then use LANDesk to deploy that image file using the appropiate imaging application.

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                      MDT is a free product from Microsoft to deploy images. It includes the IMAGEX utility which is file based, not sector based like GHOST so you can modfiy files in the image after the image is created.. Your MDT server can be a Vista workstation or higher. For PXE deployments, you would need to install it on a Windows server. You can image Windows XP SP3 or higher OS's.


                      The only way I believe you can use it with LANDesk is to let MDT manage the PXE servers (thru Windows 2003 servers or higher),  create the image  with IMAGEx and do all the scripting using MDT and as the last step of the script, load the LANDesk client  and then have LANDesk take over.


                      A feature that was crucial to my company was the ability to image computers out of an 8 gig USB memory key for remote installations while disconnected from the network.. I do not believe LANDesk OSD has that feature yet.


                      I have created an image  with MDT that works on 14 different comptuer modes (Dell Latitude D610, D620, D630, e6400 laptops and Dell Optiplex gx270, 280, 520, 620, 745,755 360, 380 and an HP8440 laptop and a Compaq desktop).


                      I also find the MDT environment easier to work with but that is a personal preference.


                      If you already have a process to that works with OSD, it could be a lot of work to reengineer it with MDT.


                      If you are still using separate ghost images, MDT is definitively a better solution.


                      What kind of issues are you having with LANDesk OSD?

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                        fchrappah Apprentice

                        No problem with OSD. We wanted to know if MDT is more eficient than OSD in image creation and deployment. 

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                          I think one of the questions on the table in this thread is how to leverage the LDMS OSD PXE functionality to deliver an image created by MDT.

                          We know that we can deliver an image using MDT itself. The difficulty arises when we start to plan our delivery scenarios for a mass migration of in place upgrades form WINXP to WIN7. We would like to use push, pull and other hybrids of those methods to perform the upgrades.

                          We are an LDMS shop and use most of its functions, but not OSD. We made the tactical devcision to use MDT as the image creation and management system because of its many useful functions. However, MDT without Microsoft SCCM is an incomplete solution.

                          So our question is: who has had any experience using LDMS OSD to deliver MDT created images and user state captured via Microsoft USMT 4.0?

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                            saeidans Apprentice


                            Have you been able to find a solution to this.

                            I am in same situation and like to use landesk to deploy my MDT win 10 images

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                              They are two different ways to deploy a base image.


                              I've only briefly worked with MDT but it's similar to Landesk in that you pick an install image and then a template to push things like drivers, software etc.


                              So If you want to cut over to Landesk you can do that but you will need to put the time in learning how to set up provisioning templates to do the things you used to do with MDT. You need to move or rebuild driver repositories, set up one or more preferred (file) servers, bring over (import) your unattend.xml files possibly editing them for new Landesk capabilities.


                              It's not a quick slam dunk to learn by yourself but if you know how to use DISM, SIM/unattend files, manage drivers in boot and install images and know the imaging boot process (PE, hardware detection, mini setup, OOBE, etc), you'll be ok. It's just a lot of little steps you have to learn.


                              Basic outline:

                              1. Create Landesk Preferred server(s) for hosting drivers and images etc
                              2. Copy OS install images to preferred servers
                              3. Import unattendXML files into Landesk provisioning view (tools->install scripts)
                              4. Copy drivers to preferred server location or potentially to HII Driver management in Landesk provisioning (optional, depending on how you want to load drivers for various hardware)
                              5. Create Landesk WinPE Boot wim image (provisioning->Preboot->Create Provisioning boot media). Optionally add boot NIC and storage drivers to boot media during creation or add later with DISM.
                              6. Create Basic OS Deployment template using the New Deployment Template.  Choose create default partitions action (and use BIOS vs UEFI mode hardware to start),  ImageX to load your OS install WIM image and choose Landesk agent configuration.


                              Try the easy stuff and defaults and crawl before walking. Use BIOS not UEFI.

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                                As somebody who has used both products extensively, here is my insight to both products:


                                MDT is more versatile specifically in image deployment and maintenance. It is also structured openly and runs entirely in PowerShell, VBScript, and HTML applications, which means you can customize it to fit your needs and to operate how you want it to operate. If you don't mind packaging your own software deployments to use in the task sequences, I actually prefer MDT over OSP.


                                However, OSP is more versatile in management. It integrates with the rest of the LDMS environment to give you iron control from start to finish. It also does a better job of automated distribution points (preferred servers) and content replication. That can be a beast to manage in MDT, and is no fun. If compliance is your determining factor, I would stick with OSP as your distribution method.


                                If you have any specific questions about either products, let me know - I may be a little rusty on MDT... we switched from MDT to OSP about a year and a half ago and haven't even looked at our MDT shares in the last 12 months

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                                  saeidans Apprentice

                                  I was once in same situation as you are, and anyone I asked if this is possible to do , gave me an unsatisfying answer.

                                  I finally figured it out and got it to work and here is how:


                                  1- you need to use psexec in your batch file, so make sure to add it as additional file, batch file should be like this:


                                  del /q /s c:\minint
                                  RMDIR c:\minint /S /Q

                                  cmd /c net use y: \\MDTserver\Deploymentshare$
                                  start /b psexec.exe /accepteula -i 1 -h -e cscript.exe //Nologo //B "y:\Scripts\litetouch.vbs" "/SkipTaskSequence:YES /SkipBDDWelcome:YES /SkipSummary:YES /SkipFinalSummary:YES /HideShell:YES /TaskSequenceID:UP2Win10 /SkipDeploymentType:Yes /SkipAdminPassword:YES"



                                  2- deploy this batch file under an account that has access to your MDT server


                                  3- add your MDT server as preferred server in LANDESK server , no replications needed

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