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    Category dropdown trigger behaviour

    Adam Wilden Expert

      Hi Folks,


      We use Categories and Copy Rules to populate note and resolution description fields with template stock responses.    When selecting Categories it copies the category description field (if present) to the main description field.  Works well,


      I've been asked to set this up for logging template incident descriptions on certain categories as well,  but would need to change the way the strange way the dropdown event is triggered.


      The Catgeory dropdown invokes the Copy Rule when the right-hand drop arrow is clicked on, i.e. when the control iiself is first opened rather than when any value in the list is selected.


      It might help if I explained what they want:


      • I would create a new Incident category called Templates with numerous subcategories representing each template and with the relevant text in the category description field.

      • When a common call comes in, the Service Desk would select one of these categories which would populate the main call window with template text via the Copy Rule.  C(ategories with no description text would be safely ignored).

      • They would then add in any extra details, specific info etc before (sometimes) re-categorising with the proper category (which had no Description text and therefore did not overwrite the call data).

      • This all works well except that you can't select a new category because the moment you open the dropdown it simply re-triggers the copy with the existing value, even though you've not selected anything yet.  If the copy event was triggered when the new category was actually clicked on then this would work fine.



      So is there any way to change this?  Had a look at handlers but a bit beyond me.


      Does anyone know how I can change this or a workaround/better way of doing this?


      (Ideally we'd have liked the option to only copy to a field if it is empty but this doesn't appear to be possible).


      Many thanks - Adam.