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    Scheduled Tasks Time Out


      Hi There,


      I have been having issues when deploying software for various packages (Visio, Project, Office2007 etc), where the machines are successfully discovered, but then the deployment process times out.


      The machines are located in different subnets are are functioning as normal. Ant ideas as to why this occurs?


      Hope someone can point me in the right direction.





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          Can you provide more information as to how you are deploying the apps, what messages are you getting, are the apps installing but failing to report success/fail, etc...

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            Hi there,


            Sorry for the delay in replying to your post. I am using the Push method. The machine is successfully discovered, but it stays at this status for approx 2 - 4 hrs. Eventually the job moves to the Failure container and states that the session timed out or else I cancel it, so that I manually install the application. This happens for multiple packages, which were working up to now for example Visio 2007, MS Office 2007, Project 2007 etc.


            Any ideas?