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    OSD Options for XP SP3 and SysPrep


      We are having a hard time getting SysPrep to work on our XP SP3 machines. Once thing I cannot get it to do is to join the computer to the Domain. Looking at other articles and discussions, I'm getting confused on the credentials needed.


      Under the OSD script settings Sysprep tree you have "Network Credentials". I put in our domain name and then for the username I use domain\username. Is this correct? Looking at other screen shots, I tend to see "administrator" being used as the username, without including the domain name.


      Which method is correct? And if I am using strictly "administrator", am I using the administrator account on the local/target machine, LD Core Server or our AD server?



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          it could be helpful to know, which LANDesk version you use...


          I think you don't need to write domain\username, username should be enough, if you filled the field domain with your domain name.

          But I'm not sure, I never used this dialog, we use our own unattend.txt file...




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            Opps! Sorry! Landesk v9 SP2. I believe I was doing the whole sysprep setup wrong. Right now, it's to the point where the OSD works, but upon booting up, I have to walk it through the SysPrep mini-setup. Shouldn't this be automated/unattended?


            Steps I took:


            1. Got my image finalized

            2. Ran SysPrep.exe to seal the hard drive. I did choose the mini-setup option on the sysprep configuration as instructed.

            3. I uploaded the image through PXE

            4. I pulled the image down through PXE on another machine


            The image took, however as stated, I have to manually run through the SysPrep configuration. It's as if the LanDESK created answer file was not being used.


            Any help is appreciated!

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              I setup my sysprep file in server. See the settings.

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                Thanks for the image. So are you saying you created one SysPrep.inf and use that instead of using LANDesk's self-creating answer file?