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    Virtual Outlook 2007 with native Office 2003


      Has anybody virtualized Outllook 2007 to be the default mail application. I am having several issues having Virtual Outlook be default mail handler.

      Virtual Outlook 2007 With native Office 2003, Outlook 2003 not installed. Using Lotus and switching to Exchange

      Specific issues:

      Mailto Urls  will launch virtual Outlook - Good, soomething works:)

      Right click "send to" doesn't

      Native Office Apps > file > send to mail recipient does not work. Options greyed out

      Trouble Opening Office attachments. Word, Excel, etc. pdf, jpg work correctly.


      Followed Thinapp documentation on all modifications but I think that is assuming full Office Suite virtualized. Not Outlook only.

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          Tracy Expert

          I don't think that is going to work... or at least last time I checked it wouldn't, but that was a couple versions ago. I don't think it could have changed in the newer versions because of how the Default Mail Client is handled.


          I tried to get this working a while ago when the call came through customer support. I could  not. Basically the problem is that the “Send to” is NOT an Outlook  function. It is a Windows function of the Default Mail Handler. Whatever Mail client  is used (Outlook, Outlook express, Thunderbird, etc.) registers its own  MAPI dll. (which needs to be on the physical file system). Since Office  2007 runs in its own isolated virtual space, the Windows APIs cannot   interact with it. While this may seem like a problem, it is actually by  design. Sure there are both pro and con to how it works, but there is a  reason for why it works that way. I had some url links to this info, but they pointed to the now dead Thinstall site.



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            Thanks for thr reply. Anybody else run into this problem? Or possibly a solution/workaround. I would think there would be a script you could run or symbolic link or something especially if the PC base is fairly standardized.