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    How to Cancel an Active Task


      I have an active task running that I would like to cancel.  In 8.8 you used to be able to log into the console and a window would be active there that shows all currently running tasks.  I could then just select the tast I want to cancel and end it from there.

      In 9.0 SP2, I do not see that window.

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          I need to be able to stop active tasks also; can't seem to figure out how to do this.


          The Scheduled Tasks does not seem to show any tasks that are being pulled down from the client side; it only seems to show tasks which are scheduled from the console.




          What I have right now are 'old tasks' that never got launched and for some reason they seem to be kicking off when I don't want them to.  I want a list of what is actually running tasks, or tasks which are waiting or pending, and I want to be able to nuke them from the console.

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            Workaround when proper method is provided :


            Download Process Explorer from Sysinternals.

            Search for task called  "ScheduledTaskHandler.exe" which usually is located under SchedSvc.exe

            In Properties on the task go to Image tab, check the Command Line  for something like : ScheduledTaskHandler.exe /TASKID=9

            Go in \LANDesk\ManagementSuite\log and check the log  "ScheduledTaskHandler_9.log"  if this is the task you want to cancel and then just kill the proccess.


            Hope this helps.