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    How to deploy the captured image from Core Server OSD?


      I've already configured the OSD script for deploying image, named "Deploy Win7".

      Then I set the schedule for Deploy Win7 and Drag a PC which is WinXP and prepare to be Win7.

      When the LD agent connected with Core server, the PC restarted and boot to WINPE.


      After several processes: wpeinit, import Add..reg, running diskpart, the PE select Disk 0, 0 got 75GB, 1 got several MB

      At last, WINPE search and detect the hosts and a failed message is came out:




      Timed out before acquiring an IP address.

      "Failed to get localhost IP address or resolve core server name. Please check your network and try again.

      The steps to inject drivers into the WinPE image file can be found at http://XXXX... DOC-2158"

      Press any key to continue . . .


      What should I do, how to fix it?

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