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    First Time Fixes

    jasoncadman Expert

      Hello All


      We have a bit of hot potato here. First time fixes


      It seems that what you consider a first time fix is a little open to interpretation and therefore the logic that you use to track and report on first time fixes can get complicated


      Bit of a generic question but how are people reporting on first time fixes? I guess it falls into 3 categories


      1) Definition of FTF

      2) Technology used to report on them

      3) logic path through the Service Desk process




      Thanks in advance



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          elizabethcombrink Employee

          Hi Jason,


          I base my FTF per analyst on them resolving the call within 20 mins of raising it - simple to do in Crystal, and I imagine through Landesk calculations.


          FTF for the Service Desk is based on the raise group and resolveer group being the same, and within 20 mins of each other.


          Its not perfect, but its what he do

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            gramsay Specialist

            We define first time fix as "Incident resolved at first point of contact".

            We put a tick box on the resolution window.

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              jasoncadman Expert

              I like the check box idea as it's simple but if you have fairly complex rules to define the fix it can be inaccurate i would imagine. Open to abuse a little as well I would think (not that anyone would do such a thing!)

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                jasoncadman Expert

                Hi Elizabeth


                That makes sense too. I'm also thinking that it depends on how your organisation is set up. Less departments = less complex rule requirements.


                I think the key is to keep it as simple as possible. However you don't want to be selling yourself short on the FTF rate as people are taking a  fair bit of notice of it for service comparisons


                Thanks for your comments