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    Image files and their name


      Hi all,


      I'm using LANDesk 9.0 SP2. I have a quick question regarding the *.TBI file as well as the part files that go with it. I noticed that LANDesk appears to use the name in the database for the image file name. Is there any problems if once the image is created using imagew V2, I change the .TBI and it's part filenames? Will changing these file names break anything? Is there anything hardcoded in the TBI that references the part files by name? If so, is there anyway to change the name before it uploads the image to the server?



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          Not all all. It won't harm anything. You just have to make sure that all files keep the same name. For example, if you have 123.TBI and want to change it to ABC.TBI, you would have to rename all part files the same (ABC.TBI, ABC.1, ABC.2, ABC.3...ect.)


          We do this all the time at our location since most of our images capture the MAC address or old system name pulled from DNS.